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Best Faith Based Non Profit Organization in Waukee

My Neighbor My Hero, Inc. It is a vital nonprofit organization that alleviates the burdens faced by individuals with little or no health care access, Homeless, and lack of primary education. Developed with the dedication to providing compassionate and life-saving health services to thousands of families across the globe, our organization offers many disadvantaged individuals a thorough foundation for future success. Based in Iowa, United States, we offer services locally and, more importantly, to the Third World countries or developing nations in Africa, Asia, North, and South America; we offer free medical services and food distribution twice yearly through our food bank assisted program during our mission work.

We work with religious bodies, organizations, and trusted individuals eager to spread the message of love and kindness across their communities. If you want to know more about our services and how they can benefit your community or locality, please use our message button to contact us. Just to let you know, we do not ask for any form of monetary favor from anyone wanting to engage our services; freely, we receive and freely give (Mathew 10:8).

We have corporate sponsorship plans for corporate bodies that want to identify with our cause. You can reach us at: [email protected] to learn more about us.


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