My Neighbor My Hero's Mission

The year 2016 is a year to remember! Our son Henry C. Ezebuiro JR. He was born at 24 weeks and five days and spent 110+ days in the NICU fighting for his life. That journey was the toughest that we as a newly married couple had experienced, but we didn't know that more trials and tribulations lay ahead. Ultimately, the son was diagnosed with infantile spasms within the first year of life. This seizure disorder is sporadic, and given the diagnosis of spastic cerebral palsy, they ultimately informed us that the childhood we envisioned for him was not a reality. We have learned that God always has the final say, and He will always help us along the way to push us past the desert so we can experience the overwhelming bountiful blessing of an overflowing fountain river of life. Our hero is Henry Jr., Who beat impossible odds to be with us today; he has constantly reminded us that there is an ability in every disability caused by illness or medical condition from birth and continues to fight daily by encouraging us that God is still in the business of doing good.

Our mission is inspired by our gift, our son (Henry Jr.), who taught us many lessons and continues to! 

We are inspired to touch other extraordinary heroes and their families that, although their journey is different, it is just as phenomenal, fulfilling, and rewarding! 

As an organization, our mission is simple, to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ and reach the people locally and internationally. We demonstrate God's love to His people through acts of kindness and love, and God has called us to. Gracefully, we aspire to touch the families of Special space heroes by creating an opportunity to dialogue and share their stories, assisting them in buying the needed mobility equipment, helping the parents pay for childcare, and helping with the food supply.

Internationally, with aspire to eradicate the idea that children with special health care needs shouldn't be excluded or revered in society. We have seen cases of such in most 3rd world countries will have visited, where Children with special needs are subjected to all manner of inhuman treatment and isolation; some are branded as witches due to their health condition, whereas some are left alone to die due to homelessness and starvation with no one to care for them. We consider such children our heroes, and we hope to become their neighbors by reaching out to them and lifting them because only someone who is up can Lift someone who is down.

While our son was at the Nursery intensive care unit (NICU), we made a vow to God that we would turn our tears to church by helping other families going through similar challenges by becoming a neighbor to them irrespective of their religion or faith, or belief. We are glad that God honored our prayer, and today, our vision is now a reality as we serve God by serving humanity.

We are your neighbors. We celebrate you, our heroes!

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